Dell Officially Gives Up On Windows RT

Technology rumors have an uncanny knack of mostly holding true, but this is one case where the previous reports have been left in the dust. Dell has officially given up on Windows RT.

And even though there were reports that Dell was still in the Windows RT game and was planning to launch at least on product based on the ARM platform, the company has decided to call it quits and join the list of other Microsoft partners that have abandoned the platform.

The company has confirmed that it will not be releasing any other Windows RT product, at least in the foreseeable future, as it aims to provide users with what it calls the full Windows experience.

Neil Hand, the head of tablets over at Dell, talking to CNET said:

“We are not planning to refresh our current line of RT products. We’re really focused on full Windows products. The full Windows experience provides great capability.”

The executive also revealed that the XPS 10 would be phased out — the tablet is already removed from the US market as of this writing. Hand continued:

“We are very good at understanding our true customer demand and adjusting our supply chain to fit that in real time.”

When it comes to the reasoning behind this decision, the lack of software applications is once again cited as one of the main setbacks for tablets and devices that run Windows RT. Perhaps as significant is the fact that the high price of these products also drives users away from Windows on ARM.

Sam Burd, vice president of Dell’s PC business had this to add:

“For the same range of price, you can get a full Windows 8 tablet. If you want to run the new Windows 8 interface, you can, but you can also run all the old apps as before. That’s hard to compete against. Unless you’re priced far below that, there’s just not space.”

Fair enough, I say.

Microsoft now remains the lone ranger, and the only company that continues to stand behind and bet big on the Windows RT platform. Redmond has enhanced and implemented a bunch of new additions into its upcoming Windows RT 8.1 that powers its new Surface 2 tablet.

These include improved touch, a number of additional customization features, along with support for smaller devices — things the technology titan aims to put to good use in the reported Surface Mini.

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