Dell Says That It Has Sold Hundreds Of Thousands Of Windows 8 And RT Tablets

Hardware giant, Dell, is one of Microsoft’s closest technology partners. On the Windows 8 front, the company has released two tablets that are powered by Microsoft’s newest platform.

One is the Latitude 10 (running Windows 8) and another is XPS 10 (powered by Windows RT).

And today in an interview with The Guardian, a Dell executive said that so far, the company has sold hundreds of thousands of these two tablets since launch in late 2012. Sam Burd, Dell’s global vice-president of personal computing noted:

“It’s going to take some time, and the jury is still out. IDC’s numbers says that Windows 8 on tablets is still far smaller than the iPad, but there are successes. Maybe in a few years when we get to Windows 8 tablets being a third or 40% of tablet volume we can feel it’s happening. Tablets are definitely an important piece of the computing business.”

While the executive confirmed that users have been slow to purchase Windows 8 tablets, there are still encouraging signs that more and more companies are starting to use these devices.

Burd also confirmed Dell’s interest in wearable computing, and says that the hardware maker is currently exploring a possible entry into this space similar to the rumored iWatch and other wearable devices from companies like Samsung and Sony, among others.

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