Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality Headset Preorders Open

We’re getting closer! Preorders for the Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality headset, which was made official at IFA this year, are now open. Both as a standalone device, and a bundle.

Microsoft has already confirmed that these headsets go on sale starting October 17.

This is great for people that want to get their hands on this Windows 10 exclusive mixed reality device, and are not in the mood to get the developer kits that Acer and HP have out already — both of which also be launching their headsets around this time.

The preorder for the Dell Visor is available here on the official website.

And will run you $349.99 for the standalone device, as well as $99.99 for the Motion Controllers. You will not be saving any money by choosing the bundle option, though, which comes in at $449.98, but at least, standard shipping is free.

As for specifications of this handset, these are the same as the rest of the Windows Mixed Reality HMDs, with two 1440 x 1440 resolution displays with a 90Hz refresh rate, a 110° field of view, and support for inside-out tracking.

That refresh rate, obviously, drops to 60Hz if the headset is connected to a PC with integrated graphics, which is the minimum standard for all Windows Mixed Reality devices.

What’s disappoint here, though, is the fact that although Microsoft has promised support for Steam game on these headsets, this is something that will only be made available later down the road, as the company has only just started work on this feature.

Otherwise, these affordable mixed reality headsets tick all the right boxes.

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