Dell: Windows RT Users Are Really, Really Happy

A lot has been made of how well Windows RT has fared from release up till now, with everyone from Microsoft to hardware partners, chipset makers, users, and analysts chipping in with their views on this tablet oriented operating system.

But through all this Microsoft continues to bet big on Windows RT, with the upcoming refresh of the platform Windows RT 8.1 slated to get several of the features the software titan has unveiled for Windows 8.1.

Nevertheless, there are some technology circles that are criticizing the operating system for the lack of support for desktop applications.

Dell, however, is one hardware vendor that seems to have found some success with the platform. Neil Hand, the vice president and general manager of Dell’s tablet and performance PC business, talking to BusinessWeek said that users that opted for Windows RT tablets ended up actually quite pleased:

“We’ve found that customers using it are really, really happy. There just aren’t enough of them knowing what it is, and why they should use it.”

The executive hinted that at the end of the day, it all boiled down to educating consumers on how Windows RT differs from Windows 8 Pro. Dell is currently selling a Windows RT tablet — the XPS 10 — and insider sources believe that the company is planning to release an update this year.

Even so, while sales are still rather slow, Dell expects things to change significantly in the coming months as we near the release of Windows RT 8.1, along with the next generation Surface slates.

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