Delta documents their switch to Surface 2’s (Video)

Last week, it was revealed that 11,000 Delta Airlines pilots will be using the Surface 2 tablet as a replacement for their large paper-filled notebooks.

Now the good folks at Delta released a really cool video showing the value that Surface 2 tablets are adding to their organization.

It’s actually very cool to see good marketing from Microsoft. It’s a well made video that focuses on the VALUE that the Surface tablets add to Delta. Exactly the stuff that Microsoft should be documenting.

In a post on the official Surface blog, Microsoft says that the switch from the 38 pound flight notebook to the 1.5 pound Surface 2 tablet for Delta pilots will save the airline $13 million a year in fuel and related costs.

Also on the blog post, Microsoft documents other companies who have bought large amounts of Surface tablets.

These include The London School of Business and Finance, which acquired nearly 10,000 Surface RT tablets for their students as well as Japan-based Hokkoku Bank, who bought 2,000 units of the original Surface Pro.

The video is very nicely done.

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