Desktop Intel Coffee Lake CPUs Launching October 5

Unofficial, but this tip comes from a fairly reliable source. Which claims that the first bunch of Intel Coffee Lake CPUs for desktop computers will launch on October 5.

With same day availability, thankfully!

These are, of course, the same chips that the company recently launched as its 8th generation Core family. Both the desktop and mobile processors are getting some impressive upgrade this time around, including upped core counts and clock speeds.

As Finnish technology website claims this launch date, saying that three models are coming in hot.

One is the Core i7 8700K, a six core, twelve threads part. Next up is Core i5 8600K, a six core, six thread affair that promises a lot of power for the price. And finally, we have the little chip that can, the Core i3 8350K processor that finally brings four cores, four threads to budget buyers.

We can thank AMD for that.

Prices for these are expected to be around $349, $249, and $199, more or less, respectively.

Sadly, for those of you looking to upgrade your Windows 10 systems, you will have to fork out extra cash for a new motherboard, as these new processors do not play nicely with the older ones.

But these are the chips that are expected to power the new Surface hardware that Microsoft is set to unveil towards the end of next month.

Intel probably even showed off the Surface Book 2, if voices are to be believed.

We’ll probably have more authentic information closer to launch, but if you have been holding off from buying a new PC, or upgrading your current one, then these new desktop and laptop chips from Intel are worth exploring, to see what kind of improvements in performance and battery life they bring.

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