Details Emerge On The Windows 10 File Removal Bug

Two bugs, one fix. Never the brightest of ideas. Although Microsoft is still mum on the matter, some information has finally emerged on the critical file removal bug that plagued Windows 10.

Or, the newly released October 2018 Update, to be more specific.

This latest version of the OS was pulled only a few days after the rollout started, after reports started circulating of a fairly widespread bug that stated removing files and data in user libraries, like the Documents folder.

While Redmond conducted its own internal investigation, users actually discovered that the issue had actually been reported in the Feedback Hub several times before the launch of the October 2018 Update.

It was a mess, alright.

Many believed that Microsoft had simply ignored the reports from Insiders, and that the company did not really care about the feedback shared by these testers.

Well, according this new report that cites internal company sources, what actually happened was that the software titan actually made a mistake where it confused another reported bug with this one.

That is to say, there were two issues in the October 2018 Update with a similar behavior, and the Redmond based technology firm tried to fix just one of them — thinking that the other issues is exactly the same.

Goes without saying that it was not.

To make matters even more complicated, there were several reports of files lost after the upgrade made it to the Feedback Hub in recent past. The last couple of years, actually, where users believed the upgrade deleted files in the libraries when they were simply stored in another account.

The company had even added a popup in the temporary account telling users that no data was deleted and that their files were stored in another location.

As it turned out, this little blunder made sure that the October 2018 Update ended up being one of the biggest Windows 10 fiascos yet.

Happens to the best, as the saying goes.

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