Developer Says That Viber For Windows 8 Is A Possibility

The lack of high-profile apps is one of the factors that have tied down Windows 8. While the situation at the Windows Store is improving, there is still a distinct lack of high-profile apps from big companies.

One such high-profile company that is pondering app development for the Windows 8 platform is Viber.

Viber is soon to get a new version aimed at Windows 8 Phone devices adding video chat functionality. But it seems that the company has even more engaging and exciting stuff planned for the future.

Talmon Marco, the CEO of the company, in an interview with said that a Windows Phone 8 version of Viber may be released at some point in the future. Bu the head of Viber failed to provide any more information regarding the specifics.

When asked whether a Windows 8 PC version is in the pipeline, Marco said:

“We are looking at all platforms, but have nothing to announce at this point in time.”

Hmm, seems legit.

The popular communication client already has apps on most major platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, even Windows Phone — but a dedicated Windows 8 app would just be an icing on a very impressive cake.

The company is currently applying the finishing touches to its Windows Phone 8 app, which is reportedly set to arrive on the Windows Phone Store very soon.

Nevertheless, judging by the comments above it is too early to expect a Windows 8 port of the app in the near future. The company executive did not rule out a Windows 8 version of Viber, but don’t hold your breath, just yet.

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