Developer Shares New VLC For Windows 8.1 Details

blog post he revealed that VLC is being redeveloped as a Windows 8.1 exclusive app, and users that are still on Windows 8 will be required to upgrade to the newest version of the operating system in order to download the new build. Development work on the Windows 8.1 version, luckily, is almost complete and the refreshed flavor is set to be released to users anytime now:

“The Windows 8.1 version is nearly ready to ship. It should be released very soon on the Store (spoiler: not this week, I’m really busy in Seattle with the MSP Summit and Imagine Cup finals). We still have problems with the ARM compiler that the team needs to fix. Once this is done, we will press the ‘release’ button.”
As noted above, the ARM version for Windows RT 8.1 devices like the Surface RT and the Surface 2 still needs to iron out a few bugs, so that could take a while. Hopefully once released, the new version is worthy of the name, and comes with fast performance along with plenty of features — and from the looks of it, it just might.]]>

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