Did Intel Just Show Off The Next Surface Book?

Talk about an accidental reveal! Intel, in announcing its 8th generation lineup of Core processors, may just have provided us with a look at the follow up to the Microsoft Surface Book.

Or whatever Microsoft is creating for the second generation of its tablet and laptop hybrid.

So, anyway, Intel unveiled its latest CPUs earlier today, and in the accompanying video, showcased the features of the new chip in what was a black version of the Surface Book. Although we have no official confirmation, whatsoever, that did not stop people from going went wild.

On what looks like the follow up to the popular 2-in-1.

Watch for yourself:

Sure, it could simply be a reference device that Intel created, with no ties to the Microsoft machine.

But the level of detail in the video is hard to ignore.

You have the revamped tablet and eject button on the device, along with that screen aspect ratio that the Surface Book is known for. All in a sleek metal packaging. If it’s an accidental reveal, it certainly comes at the right time, as Microsoft has held annual events sometimes in October.

We are fast approaching that time of the year, where the company either reveals a new version of Windows 10 or a new entry in the Surface line.

Hopefully, we get to see both this time around, and then some!

In the meantime, what do you think of this video, and do you really think this could be the improved successor to the original Surface Book.

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