Discounts Will Not Help Windows 8, Says Analyst

Ha, now this is a line straight from a blockbuster summer movie. Analysts around the world have weighed in on various reasons why Microsoft’s newest operating system has failed to set the world on fire.

Four months into release, the new OS has barely registered a significant market share.

Unofficial sources suggest that Microsoft wants to bring as many Windows 8 devices to the market before the end of the year. And the company plans to offer discounts of up to $20 to OEMS and PC hardware makers, depending on the type of device they want to develop.

But Gartner analyst Tracy Tsai is not taking any of it.

Talking to Taipei Times, Tsai said that Windows 8 remains a disappointing product and discounts and price cuts will do little to boost its sales in the months to follow:

“Price is not the only factor that caused disappointing sales of Windows 8 PCs… Microsoft’s Windows 8 system is facing growing competition from Apple Inc’s iOS and Google’s Android. No applications are developed specifically for Windows 8 PCs and consumers do not know what is unique about Windows PCs.”

Well, hard to argue here, price is not the only factor that has kept adoption down.

The recent shift to mobile computing and booming tablet acceptance is one of the biggest reasons for the decline in PC sales. With the head start they enjoy, both iOS and Android have cornered the tablet market, which Microsoft is trying to grab a piece of.

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