Discovering digital attach offers now easier in the Microsoft Store

November 2, 2022

Offers to die for! Well, as long as you discover them conveniently and activate them easily. That’s exactly what Microsoft seems to be thinking as it rolled out this new update for the Microsoft Store.

An hour or so ago, the company released build 25236 in the Dev channel, and with it came a new update for the Microsoft Store.

Version 22210.1401.x of the Store app is the one you are looking for, as noted.

This update brings a number of improvements, including improved discoverability of digital attach offers, including for Office, Game Pass, and more. The user interface has also been slightly revamped to allow for smoother scrolling and resizing.

For the first one, Microsoft says that it is now much easier to discover that your device came with digital attachment offers and redeem them.

How it looks:

Digital Attach Offers

The search card results when scrolling through the user interface have also been improved. Microsoft has optimized the layout and rendering architecture for the search card results in the app repository, which enables a much smoother scrolling and resizing experience.

This holds especially true on low-end devices that do not have the luxury of massive processing power.

Only a couple of improvements, then, in this update, but notable ones.

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