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Disney Will Make Movies With Microsoft

Disney is joining hands with Microsoft for a partnership centered around an innovation lab to find ways to shift content production to the Azure cloud.

The movie production company Avid is also involved with this, in what is said to be a five-year partnership with the cloud titan.

The Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB is the star of the show here — as an innovation work space where Disney personnel will be experimenting with moving different workflows to the cloud in order to accelerate the innovation cycle at the prestigious movie maker.

Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB

Jamie Voris, CTO, The Walt Disney Studios sheds more light on this:

“By moving many of our production and postproduction workflows to the cloud, we’re optimistic that we can create content more quickly and efficiently around the world. Through this innovation partnership with Microsoft, we’re able to streamline many of our processes so our talented filmmakers can focus on what they do best.”

The partnership actually builds on an existing one that Microsoft already had with Avid.

The two companies have been working together to build cloud-based workflows for the film industry using Avid software solutions on Azure. Adding Disney into the mix, will bring its unique requirements and will allow the studio to streamline some of its workflows in a more modern cloud context.

A cloud-based workflow will allow Walt Disney Studios to better collaborate across multiple locations, as filming it now truly a global process.

For Microsoft, this is a way to further solidify the notable media credentials of its cloud platform, as some of its cloud competitors are not as focused in the media space. Microsoft’s strategy of embracing media as a strategy growth opportunity for Azure sure seems to be starting to pay dividends.

Look for the Microsoft logo to appear in the credits of a Disney blockbuster soon!

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