Disqus App Exclusively Released For Windows Phone

It is not often you see an official release of a company’s Windows Phone app before other platforms like iOS and Android, but Disqus quite obviously likes to do things differently.

The online commenting service has just released an official Windows Phone application. And yes, it supports Windows Phone 8, along with version 7.5 and 7.8 of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

What’s even more surprising is that the company maintains that it has no immediate plans to release the app on other mobile platforms — and this is something even rarer in today’s technology world.

Apparently, according to WPCentral, the app was developed in-house by a big fan and early adopter of Windows Phone, which very much explains why it showed up on the platform first — either way, a small win for Windows Phone.

You can take a look at the Disqus app (which is raking up great reviews) and take it for a spin on the Windows Phone Store here.

The exclusive Windows Phone app offers numerous features like support for Live Tiles, Lockscreen integration as well as support for all Windows 8 resolutions. All indicative signs of a very well design mobile application.

And yes, it brings about all the different ways to post and manage comments through Disqus, making engaging in conversations on websites that have implemented Disqus, without visiting the website itself.

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