DNS Over HTTPS Comes To Windows 10


Microsoft has brought along a new network security option is available for Windows 10, the highly anticipated DNS over HTTPS feature, more commonly known as DoH.

This has long been a public demand, with users asking Redmond to add it to the operating system.

And it just has.

The latest Windows 10 preview version shipped to Insiders, in the form of build 19628, comes with this new feature. The company is now testing it with help from Windows Insiders, with plans to bring it to production devices sometimes in the future.

As explained:

“If you have been waiting to try DNS over HTTPS (DoH) on Windows 10, you’re in luck: the first testable version is now available to Windows Insiders! If you haven’t been waiting for it, and are wondering what DoH is all about, then be aware this feature will change how your device connects to the Internet and is in an early testing stage so only proceed if you’re sure you’re ready.”

If you are running this build, you can manually enable this protocol by enabling it in the registry.

The actual activation of the DoH client requires you to be enrolled in the Fast ring of the preview program, downloading and deploying build 19628, and then firing up the Registry Editor, and navigating to the following path:


Here, you need to create a new DWORD value that is called EnableAutoDoh, then input value 2 to activate this new feature.

A computer reboot will be required to enable DNS over HTTPS client on your device, after which everything will work smoothly on your machine.

Do note that in order to use DoH, you need to be using Cloudflare, Google, or Quad9 servers configured on your device. Meaning, it’s best that you are either well familiar with networking, or are comfortable tinkering around with your computer.

Not for the novice, this.

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