Do You Want An Xbox Gaming Laptop?

Xbox Gaming Laptop

Microsoft is coming off a blockbuster week. One where it showed off the new members of the Surface family, while also unveiling the first set of games for its Xbox Series X console.

But you know, what would have been better?

An Xbox gaming laptop!

The call for such a machine is not new. But as repeated, there is a need for something that straddles these two worlds together, these worlds which Microsoft has very carefully built up, and position the company as a driving force in gaming.

Essentially, a product that is designed with the same attention to detail as the Surface lineup, but one that showcases the best of the company’s innovations on the PC platform.

This comes at a time when Microsoft has doubled down on PC gaming via its Xbox brand. Xbox isn’t just for the living room any more — it’s a unification of all of the company’s gaming endeavors, uniting PCs and consoles alike.

Even mobile gaming, via Project xCloud.

A lot of what Redmond has worked on is tied to the underlying benefits of the DirectX 12 graphics technology, which is what powers both Windows 10 and the Xbox line of consoles. And alongside this shared technology are features like DirectX raytracing, and services like Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Not to mention things like the Windows 10 Game Bar or the Mixer streaming platform.

And while a case can be made that the Surface Book 3, with its GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GPU is a fine gaming option, nothing beats having a dedicated gaming machine that does the deed.

An Xbox gaming laptop, clad in black, mirroring the Xbox branding, wearing Surface sensibilities, and integrating dedicated hardware like those PixelSense screens, and carrying support for accessories like the Xbox wireless controller, could be the stuff that dreams are made of.

Want to dream on?

The hit the link above to read the full article at PCWorld.

And when you’re done, come back here to comment on whether you would like to see Microsoft venture forth with such a creation. A line of Xbox gaming laptops, at varying price points, each one optimized for the best in PC gaming.

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