Does Metro really Offer Anything Worthwhile To Power Users?

idea of having Metro around for when I want to play around with it, and as apps become more widely available this will be even more true. A perfect compromise for me would be if I could maybe hit a combo key (like Windows Key + W) and it would bring up the start menu instead of Metro, while just hitting the Windows Key would bring Metro. In the long run though, I think having no start menu is going to be nothing more than a minor inconvenience for myself. At the same time, I really doubt I will ever spend more than 20-30% of my time within Metro (at least after this experiment). This is actually a lot like how I treat my Kinect for the Xbox 360. When I use the Xbox, 80% of the time I am using the traditional console experience, but about 20% of the time I use Kinect. What about you? Is Metro ever going to be your ‘main’ UI or will you probably split your time 50/50? Conversely, do you think Metro will likely just get a very small portion of your time, while most of it is spent in the traditional Windows desktop? Share your thoughts below.]]>

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