Dona Sarkar Talks What’s Next For The Windows Insider Program

Keeping the fire burning! One of the big successes for Microsoft in recent times is the Windows Insider Program, the popular preview program for the operating system with millions upon millions of users.

Last we heard, there were more than 10 million Windows Insiders.

It only stands to reason, then, that the software titan would want to double down on this success, and improve the program for Insiders. To that end, Redmond is working on a new roadmap for the Windows Insider Program, which the company has conveniently dubbed WIP 2020.

As detailed by Insider head Dona Sarkar, Microsoft is planning several changes for the program over the next to years. Though worth a mention that instead of a complete overhaul, we can expect an evolution of the preview program.

The idea, as stated by Sarkar, was getting an even greater audience:

“We’re thinking about how we would build the Insider Program that would make us want to join it if we weren’t fans or working at Microsoft.”

Solid thinking.

The effects of these changes will soon be with us, with new projects like Cohorts, which are basically specialized groups of Insiders that focus on specific uses cases or interests. All in the name of getting better insights on the improvements needed from people that use certain features the most.

Long story short, WIP 2020 will incorporate the aspirations of those working on the program itself, along with some of the more requested features by the millions already enrolled.


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