Don’t Expect The New Xbox Wireless Adapter For Windows 10 Anytime Soon

Delayed, most likely. Microsoft announced a new Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 PCs earlier this month, which was on track for launch on August 8. But there are signs that it has been delayed.

And how!

All signs point to availability only in 2018.

The Xbox team hyped this little gizmo up appropriately, considering it is 66% smaller than the previous model. It still offers support for up to eight controllers, not to mention wireless stereo sound support, making for an excellent option for Windows 10 gamers.

Particularly at the accessible price of $24.99.

Or, alongside a black Xbox Wireless controller for the total of $79.99.

Anyway, it should have been here by now, but Microsoft seems to have quietly updated the release date on its product page on the Microsoft Store — in what is very apparently quite a lengthy delay for this handy device.

We’ll see if the company provides an update on this, but for an outside looking it, it is clear that users will not be able to get their hands on this new Xbox Wireless Adapter for a fair few months.

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