Don’t Remove The Microsoft Store App

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Microsoft has fired a warning, telling users not to remove the Microsoft Store app in Windows 10. This is an application that opens up the Microsoft Store, formerly known as the Windows Store.

In other words, this client came in real handy for installing the modern applications, games, browser extensions and all manner of goodness that are housed in this repository.

Windows users and administrators both, who don’t want this app have the option to remove it from their system. If they do not want anything to do with it, they could remove the Microsoft Store app using solutions like PowerShell or other third-party software.

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However, in a new support article recently published, the software titan warns the Windows 10 user base against removing, uninstalling, or reinstalling this application.

The reason given is that the operating system offers no way back of reinstalling the Microsoft Store when it is removed from devices running the OS. In fact, the only option administrators have to restore this functionality is to reset the operating system.

Or reinstall it, from scratch.

Redmond also highlights how IT professionals have been provided with a range of options to configure, limit, or block access to the Microsoft Store on client computer systems.

However, removing it altogether is definitely not the smartest idea here, all things considered.

You have been warned.

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