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Download The Surface Duo Ringtone

Surface Duo

It’s nowhere near iconic yet, but who knows, it may one day be. But if you want to get your hands on the default Surface Duo ringtone as it is now, then here’s your chance.

For Microsoft has trademarked the ringtone, and it is now possible to download it.

Year and years of rumors and speculation regarding the Surface Phone, and Microsoft finally introduced it in the form of the Surface Duo at its October event last year. This Android powered handset was made official alongside the Surface Neo, a dual screen PC running Windows 10X.

And our first real look at the phone was in a video that was shown off at the event.

The video showed a woman using her Surface Neo, who then hears a smooth little ringtone that suddenly tells the audience that this is a phone. She takes the Surface Duo out of her bag and answers it.


Well, if that ringtone tickled your fancy, you might fancy a download.

There is good news that Microsoft has filed a trademark on it, and the UPSTO website has a direct link to the MP3 file ready for you to download. Grab it off there, and set it as the ringtone on your device if you want to.

Of course, this does not 100% mean that this will be the default ringtone on the Surface Duo.

For what it’s worth, the Surface Duo is not slated to launch until the holiday season, later this year. And details like these are probably not even finalized yet.

Then again, this was shown in a teaser video, and Microsoft has trademarked it, so who knows?

Written by Melanie Russell

Melanie Russel lives in rural North Carolina. With a degree in statistics, his research interests include probability theory, time series analysis and network flow dynamics. When not geeking out over AI technologies, she is likely to be geeking over film, software or pretending to play the guitar.

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