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August 8, 2022

You can never have enough wallpapers! More so, when they are as beautifully designed as these. Microsoft, like other platforms holders and mobile makers, puts together some great wallpapers.

And Windows 365 is no exception.

This new service was officially introduced last year, allowing businesses to securely stream the full Windows experience with the OS hosted on the Microsoft Cloud. And even though the service is aimed at business users and not your average Joe, it does come with some neat and clean images.

Interestingly, these designs are rather graphically intensive, which is in contrast to the use of solid background colors and blank screensavers that were the norm to help with streaming.

The simpler these were, the lower the bandwidth usage and higher the perceived user responsiveness.

But apparently, that’s not longer a concern for Microsoft and users, which is why the company has put together these beautiful wallpapers. They certain do a good job of showcasing the virtual nature of the service, and the highlight the fact that it beamed from the cloud.

These are the default wallpapers that Window 365 comes with, very much like the standard version of Windows that you install on a local device. These unique wallpapers are created to add some fresh touch to your computer.

Or even, tablet or smartphone if you so desire.

The collection has been put together by a Reddit user here.

And apparently a bunch of these are new releases, with designs that folks having not seen before. The only thing missing are dark versions of these images, which would go great for those who have turned dark mode on their devices.

You can download full HD images of these 23 wallpapers individually in the standard 1920 x 1080 resolutions above, or get them all neatly packed in higher resolutions like 4K in the ZIP file below.

Download: Windows 365 Wallpapers

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