Dropbox Finally Available On Windows As A Universal App

Microsoft’s partnership with Dropbox is bearing fruits. Redmond increased collaboration with Dropbox, its cloud storage competitors in the fall of 2014 and consumers are now the ultimate winners.

In the first phase, Office users were provided with access to another cloud service to save their documents to, and now Windows Phone users have access to the official Dropbox app.

And since it’s universal, it also works on Windows.

Dropbox announced the release of an official modern app to Microsoft’s platform last night, and now the application is available for download.

This new release comes with options to automatically backup photos to the cloud service and mark files as favorites in order to get them even without an Internet connection. In addition to this, support for multiple accounts means that personal and work accounts can be used at once.

Overall, the app looks a little barebones, but for a debut release, it ticks most of the right options when it comes to the feature set.

Fingers crossed the company keeps it updated with new features on a regular basis.

Just in case you were wondering, Dropbox currently offers 2GB of storage space for free users. Microsoft, on the other hand, gives away 15GB free via OneDrive, with the possibility of increasing it to a very healthy 30GB for users that agree to have their camera roll store photos in the cloud.

Anyway, this is one more official app in the bag.

You can download the Dropbox application from the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

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