Dual Screen Microsoft Device Supports 5 Modes

Well, what do you know! It appears that the new mobile device Microsoft is working on, Surface Phone if you will, could support 5 different modes of use, depending on the position of the screen.

This has been revealed by digging around in the code.

Codenamed Andromeda, this is an ambitious project that the Redmond based company is working on.

And word is that it will be more than just a smartphone. Thanks to a dual screen design, the device could offer a number of different form factors. Hints of these have been discovered in the fresh code found in Windows 10 build 17704.

A version of the preview for Insiders that was recently released.

So, anyway, let’s get back to what the modes are.

First one is described as closed, which is probably what represents the state of the device with the two displays facing each other like a closed book. Second is concave, similar to the laptop form factor, presumably with one of the displays playing the role of a keyboard.

The third state is called flat, and chances are that this is the tablet mode. And while the fourth one goes by the name of convex, apparently referring to the tent mode that comes in handy when watching videos, the fifth one is simply referred to as full.

Be interesting what the difference between the tablet mode and full is.

In any case, offering different modes based on screen orientation allows Microsoft a chance to invent a new product category — something that the company has been keen on doing since October 2012.

Back when it rolled out the first Surface mode.

Certainly, there’s a lot more to find out about this grand project Redmond is working on. But more information continues to pour in as we get closer to the launch date of the device, rumored to be set near the end of the year.

Bring it.

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