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Each Microsoft Employee Generates $220,800 In Net Income

employee at Microsoft brought in $786,400 in revenue, with a net income of $220,800. Clearly some large figures, keeping in mind that fact that Microsoft has close to a hundred thousand employees on its payroll. Worldwide. But at the same time, it also has more property and buildings than some immediate competitors like Apple and Google, and full time employees that help with maintenance do not actually bring in money. microsoft_head_count For comparison purposes, Apple brought in $461,200 in net income on revenue per head of $2,128,400, while the corresponding figures for Google came in at $270,500 and $1,252,700. The former has around 80,000 employees, while the latter has 48,000. Redmond’s new head count, after the Nokia acquisition has come under the radar these days, with some recent rumors suggesting that the company is looking to cut up to 10% of its workforce. Satya Nadella even alluded to this in his open letter recently, and more details on the path forward for Microsoft are expected later this month.]]>

Written by David Blair


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