Easily Create Azure Packages With Nerdio Plans Designer

Cloud IT management firm Nerdio has announced a fresh new free tool, Plans Designer, which streamlines the creation and customization of plans by Managed Services Providers (MSP).

This unveiling comes a mere week after the company put out its Azure Cost Estimator, a tool that is designed to help users transparently estimate the cost of running their selected Azure offering on the Microsoft cloud.

Nerdio has tightened up its integration with Azure in the recent past, positioning itself as an all-in-one package for companies that managed different cloud services on the Azure platform.

It also allows folks to more easily take advantage on what the Redmond based cloud giant offers.

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Amol Dalvi, the VP of Product at Nerdio spoke of this new capability:

“The ability to easily package and price Azure is something that MSPs are craving. We are excited to be able to offer them this free tool to drive their sales and maximize Azure consumption.


While the adoption of cloud IT environments is soaring, MSPs are up against general misconceptions and customer uncertainty about migrating to the cloud. We wanted to help them clearly communicate the various ways to move to Microsoft’s public cloud.”

Plans Designer allows MSPs to create and provision fully customizable and brandable Azure infrastructure packs, which can be easily evaluated by both the customer and the provider to ensure that their chosen solution is right for their particular situation.

The ease that this solution allows means that anyone can be up and running — regardless of their previous experience in or with the cloud technology.


You can find more information about Plans Designer, as well as Cost Calculator, and other services on the dedicated page that Nerdio has set up for Microsoft Azure.

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