Easter Egg Implemented In Windows 8.1 Calculator App

Hand it to Microsoft for bundling in some fun in its software. One of the new Metro apps delivered with the Windows 8.1 Preview is the shiny new Calculator app that can be used to convert units with just a few taps, or clicks for that matter.

This impressive new app includes a unit converter that comes in handy for users that want to perform a conversion or two on the fly.

And apparently it also packs in some rather interesting new hidden features.

Tom Warren of The Verge writes that Microsoft has implemented an Easter egg in the Calculator app that helps users perform conversions to things like elephants, bathtubs, swimming pools, coffee cups, and even slices of cake.

Did I hear slices of cake?

Do try them out if you can get your hands on the Windows 8.1 Preview. Just launch the Calculator app and select the Converter option — the displayed output depends on how high a unit that is entered and things like whales and swimming pools are displayed at the lower right corner of the screen.

Though it is not yet clear whether this feature will be in the final RTM version of the operating system. But this much is certain that it would not harm if it is.

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