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EdCast Floats AI Powered Knowledge Cloud For Office 365

EdCast, a leading digital learning and upskilling platform that delivers personalized knowledge, has announced that it now provides its solutions for users of Microsoft Office 365.

They now have access to the company’s technology for learning, knowledge management and information discovery. This integration enables all Office 365 users to gain one-click access to knowledge on-demand.

The EdCast Knowledge Cloud has successfully completed a set of defined tests to approve compatibility and security, and is now available through the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace.

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Karl Mehta, Founder and CEO of EdCast:

“Now that EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud is available to all Office 365 users with just a few clicks, millions of people can access valuable, personalized content directly within their Office applications, making learning available directly in the flow of work. Our strategic focus on delivering the best knowledge-sharing and learning solutions through a multi-channel approach ties in directly with the work we’ve done to make this app available in the AppSource marketplace.”

Organizations can use the Knowledge Cloud to address sales enablement, training and upskilling needs in ways that are integrated into the flow of work with Microsoft’s leading cloud-based business productivity suite.

Office 365 finds itself commercially used by 120 million people across the globe.

And they now have access to AI powered knowledge that brings together personalized content from internal, external and subject matter expert sources. This, along with customization, analytics and enterprise-grade security and privacy controls.

Find out more about EdCast here.

Or locate its newest launch on AppSource by pointing your browsers to this link.

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