Edge 105 arrives with foolproof security

September 5, 2022

Area secured! Microsoft has released Edge 105, with the latest version of the company’s web browser packing improvements related to security and IE mode improvements.

This release is now available in the Stable channel, with the software titan listing the necessary details in the release notes that you can scan. The company also lists the security updates separately for those who want to keep tabs on these specific enhancements.

The main highlights for version 105 are improvements to the overall security of the web browser, as well as enhancements to the Cloud Site List Management experience for its Internet Explorer mode.

Proceeding start with enhanced security mode improvements, with this mode now supporting WebAssembly for x64 flavors of Windows. There were some concerns regarding the performance in this mode, with fears that it would be too slow for use or break down sites.

But thankfully, we are in the clear.

You can check out further details on the security features that Edge now boasts here.

Next up, is IE mode, which has seen improvements to the Cloud Site List Management experience. This particular feature has now assumed a whole another level of importance following the high-profile retirement of Internet Explorer.

And this is why Redmond now recommends users to switch to this special mode that is baked into Edge for any websites or applications that require IE compatibility.

There are a number of improvements listed for IE mode in version 105, which you can check out in the link above.

And finally, like any version upgrade for Microsoft Edge, this new release also brings new and changed policies while deprecating some older rules. Six new policies are here for your consideration, along with one deprecation and an additional policy change.

Microsoft Edge build 105.0.1343.25 is the one that you are looking for.

This version can both be downloaded manually or by using the auto update engine that is built into the desktop versions of the web browser. Be sure to upgrade via whichever route you prefer for your Edge installation.

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