Edge 107 is here with an improved sidebar on its side

October 31, 2022

Another Edge release has made it out of the Redmond gates. This time, we have Edge 107 in the house, with only one notable feature change.

That being an improved sidebar.

Stable channel users now have access to this refreshed version of the web browser, which is available for download on multiple platforms—namely, Windows, macOS, and Linux. As the announcement post details, this release includes an enhanced sidebar.

Sidebar is a feature in Edge that lets you view various productivity tools side-by-side with the page you have currently open. This handy feature also lets you view two websites in a single window and allows you to pin a specific page to keep it available on every tab.

In other words, this is one of the better features in Edge.

And it just got a bit more, shall we say, better.

That’s because Microsoft has improved things to let users access their productivity tools side-by-side in this location right alongside their browsing window. For enterprise customers, a number of experiences are currently turned on by default.

These include Search, Discover, Office.com, and Outlook.

Administrators can also control the availability and configure the Microsoft Edge sidebar using dedicated policies. For more information on how to manage it, visit this link.

Microsoft has also snuck in a new policy that gives you more flexibility when starting up Edge. You can now add and remove your own URLs to open when starting the browser while maintaining the mandatory list of sites specified by the admin.

Edge version 107 is now available for all.

While the web browser will update itself automatically, you can force an update by paying a quick visit to Settings.

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