Edge 83 Brings Auto Profile Switching, Extension Sync

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A major update for the Microsoft Edge update is here, bring with it a number of really exciting features. Edge 83 adds support for profile switching automatically, as well as the ability to sync extensions.

Redmond announced this new release that comes with a massive changelog, after it decided to skip over version 82 as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. Meaning, this version follows the release of version 81 last month.

The highlight feature in Edge 83 is Automatic Profile Switching. This option should come in really handy for users that use both their personal and work accounts in the browser. It basically detects when you’re connecting to a website that requires a work account and switches to that profile on its own.

Microsoft explains:

“If you use multiple profiles at work, you can check it out by navigating to a site requiring authentication from your work or school account while on your personal profile. When we detect this, you will receive a prompt to switch to your work profile to access that site without having to authenticate to it. When you choose the work profile you want to switch to, the website will simply open in your work profile. This profile switching capability will help you keep your work and personal data separate and help you get to your work content more effortlessly.”

Of course, you can turn off this feature if you want.

One feature that you might not want to turn off is the ability to sync your extensions. Beginning with this release, it is now possible for your addons to roam across devices, and extensions from both its own Microsoft Edge Addons store and the Chrome Web Store are supported.

This version also introduces an option to set Microsoft Edge as the default browser from settings, to go with a new entry in the tab context menu allowing you to add all tabs to a new collection.

There are also a few enhancements to the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen to protect from websites redirecting you elsewhere.

Neat improvements, overall.

Unlike previous releases, this update isn’t available to everyone at one. The company is rolling out this new browser gradually to users. But if you don’t want to wait, you can download it via the official website linked below.

Download: Microsoft Edge 83

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