Edge 85 Lands With New Goodies

Microsoft Edge

The Stable channel for Microsoft Edge, with its six-week release cycles, recently greeted Edge 85. And this new version of the browser is now generally available on Windows and macOS.

It brings along several new features, including a new PDF highlighter tool, the ability to send Collections to OneNote, and more. Redmond compiled most of these new additions and options in a post a few days back for your reading pleasure.

And here is a rundown of all that is new.

Starting with on-premise synchronization of Favorites and Settings for users who would rather not make use of Microsoft’s cloud sync technology. This allows organizations to share these between Active Directory profiles within their environment.

Also new, is Group Policy support for trusting site and app combos to launch them without a confirmation prompt.

Then there is the very welcome PDF Highlighter tool that can be added to the toolbar to easily highlight important text in the PDF books and documents that you have open in the web browser. This was one of the more requested features, and nice to see it in.

Not to be missed is Storage Access API that we know allows access to first-party storage in a third-party context when a user has provided direct intent.

Send to OneNote, of course.

And finally, there are some DevTools updates, including Surface Duo emulation and the ability to match keyboard shortcuts to VS Code in order to increase productivity between the two development environments.

Microsoft Edge updates automatically install in the background, though you can always force check the update by clicking the ellipsis button.

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