Edge 86 Hits Dev Channel With Several New Features

Edge Dev Channel

Right on the mid-week schedule, Microsoft has pushed out a new build of Edge to the Dev channel. It is the first of version 86, and brings along a lot of new features and fixes.

Version 86.0.587.0 is the one you are looking for.

And if you install it, you will get the ability to use a custom image as your new tab page background. You can also add items to Collections from InPrivate windows, if you want. And if you are one of the few folks using ARM devices, you can also treat yourself to the Read Aloud on PDFs feature.

As for other stuff that has been added in, we have:

  • Re-enabled support for searching in the sidebar in PDFs now that the functionality has been fixed.
  • Added a toggle to the InPrivate new tab page to always use Strict Tracking Prevention in InPrivate.
  • Added dark theme to the Pinning Wizard.
  • Added a button to delete certain address bar suggestions.
  • Added the ability to re-order extension buttons that are in the … menu via the keyboard.
  • Added a management policy for Enterprise Mode Site List Manager Allowed, which controls whether or not users can access the Enterprise Mode Site List themselves. Note that administrative templates will be updated later for all new policies.
  • Added a management policy for New Tab Page
  • Allowed Background Types to configure which types of images are allowed on new tabs.
  • Added a management policy to Force Sync.
  • Enabled support for the Chromium User Agent Client Hints Enabled management policy.
  • Enabled support for the Chromium Default Search Provider Context Menu Access Allowed management policy.
  • Re-enabled support for the Chromium management policy to Enable SHA-1 For Local Anchors.
  • Finished rolling out Picture Dictionary to all Canary and Dev users.

Quite a bit of reliability improvement and fixes are also part of the package, including solutions for an issue where certain key combinations would crash the web browser.

Same goes for new tabs and videos, so basically you can expect fewer crashes in this here version.

As for known issues, a bunch still persist, including not being able to watch videos in full screen, duplicate favorites, and ad block extensions messing with YouTube. There is even a new one this week, with reports of unintended scrolling behavior from some users.

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