Edge Can Now Generate Unique Passwords

September 16, 2020

Another highly request feature is now part of Edge. Microsoft has added the ability for the browser to generate unique passwords for users when creating a new account on websites.

This is something that other web browsers like Firefox already offer.

And now, the latest version of Edge has picked up this functionality as well. You can take its help in generating strong and unique passwords for different websites, and the process is as simple as visiting a website and then creating a new account.

Once you have entered all the information and used the suggest password that Edge offers, the browser will add you credentials to your saved passwords list, so that you don’t have to remember it.

In case you are wondering, this feature is currently limited to the Canary and Dev builds of Edge.

That said, there is a fair fraction of users that are already using a password manager, and they may not want password recommendations from Microsoft Edge. In this case, you can disable the feature altogether so that it does not show up.

To do so, navigate to Settings > Profiles > Passwords, find the “Suggest strong passwords” setting, and turn off the toggle to disable the feature.

You can always go back here to enable the feature again.

Both Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev flavors are currently on version 87 which should roll out to Beta users in the coming weeks. Edge Stable users, meanwhile, recently got a taste of version 85.

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