Edge Canary Can Now Run PWAs On Startup

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Progressive Web Apps, more commonly known as PWAs, are slowly becoming the key focus of developers around the world. And companies like Microsoft and Google are helping with this.

Just like the search engine giant, Redmond is also working on regular improvements for these types of applications.

Google recently added a feature to Chrome Canary that lets user launch PWAs at Windows startup, and now Microsoft has updated the Edge Canary branch with this new addition as well. This feature is currently hidden behind an experimental flag.

But once enabled, you get an option when installing PWAs to automatically run them on your next system startup.

Edge PWA Startup

If you are running the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary (85.0.535.0), you can access this experimental flag by heading to edge://flags, searching for the Desktop PWAs run on OS login option, and enabling it.

Then simply restart your web browser to apply this new setting.

Once this flag is enabled, and you check the PWA installation prompts, Microsoft Edge will automatically move your PWAs to the startup folder located on your PC. This feature apparently works on all platforms, Windows and Chrome OS.

Like Google, Microsoft has also not added an option to remove a PWA from startup. The only way around this is by either uninstalling and reinstalling the application, or removing it from the startup folder.

Hopefully, that’s coming next.

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