Edge Extensions Get New Features

Microsoft Edge has its work cut out in getting closer to rivals like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and one reason for that is because Redmond rolls out updates at a very slow pace for it.

The Windows 10 exclusive web browser is basically only refreshed twice a year, as it is baked into the operating system and not yet available on the Microsoft Store. Doing that would allow the software titan to continually refresh it.

Still, whatever new updates the company rolls out are always welcome.

As is the case with this new one that the Microsoft Edge team very aptly detailed in a blog post.

Basically, the company has included new features for browser extensions, incremental improvements to API support functionality and end user discoverability. In plain English, this means that extensions have received two major updates with the release of the latest version of the operating system.

That being, the April 2018 Update.

Edge Extensions InPrivate

One of this is the ability to run Edge extension during the InPrivate mode:

“Beginning with this release, users can now choose to allow extensions to run during inPrivate browsing on a case-by-case basis – either when the extension is initially installed (by selecting the ‘Allow for inPrivate browsing’ checkbox), or at any later time by visiting the Settings page for a given extension.”

Additionally, also part of the package, is the notification API for extensions, which means that add-ons can finally display interactive notifications like basic messages, progress indicators, lists, and so on and so forth.

All the good stuff, as can be seen from the image below:

Edge Extensions Notifications

These two improvements are sure to come in handy for users and developers that want to enhance the functionality of their browser extensions. In fact, developers also have control over how the notifications look, and they can customize elements like text, icons and buttons.

Microsoft has also promised more improvements for Edge in the upcoming Windows 10 Redstone 5 update that is due out this fall.

We can’t wait.

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