Edge gained a wee bit more ground this month

September 1, 2022

Ever step counts! Microsoft Edge, the fledgling little browser with big ambitions, has gained modest ground in the latest statistics that arrive our way via Statcounter.

The numbers for the month of August 2022 reveal much about the state of the most popular web browsers and operating systems, both on desktop and the mobile side of things. And according to the findings, not much has changed from the numbers provided for July 2022.

When it comes to browser affairs, some web browsers lost a fraction of their share, others gained.

Statcounter Browsers August 2022

Google Chrome remains the king of the hill here, the most popular choice with a 67.33% share. And it built on this in August, with the browser adding 1.19 points to its tally. This alone was enough to leave the competition in the dust — if they have not been left already.

Microsoft Edge is putting up a fight, though.

It holds second place with just around 10.92% of the market. And just like in the previous months, Edge experienced a modest market share increase. This time gaining just 0.05 points.

Apple Safari rounds out the top 3 desktop browsers, thanks to its tally of 8.82%. But it dipped -0.14 points during this particular time span. Same story for Mozilla Firefox, which is steadily holding fourth, albeit shedding -0.67 points to end up with a 7.39% slice of the pie.

Winners and losers, if ever there were some!

Things are not too different on the mobile market. Well, other than the fact that Microsoft Edge is lumped in a special section here. Others, with 5.56% is what the likes of Opera, UC Browser, Android and other such mobile solutions split among themselves.

Not too grand a company for Edge on mobile.

This is where Google Chrome is again first with 65.04%, Apple Safari is in second with 24.59% and Samsung Internet also occupies the podium thanks to its 4.81%. Chrome and Samsung Internet both declined by -0.12 and -0.05 points respectively, while Apple Safari gained 0.36 points.

Story of every summer!

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