Edge Making Life Hard For Firefox


The adoption of Microsoft Edge keeps improving, as more and more users are seeing it as a worthy alternative to the dominance of Google Chrome.

Some are even seeing it as better than the independence of Mozilla Firefox.

For the latest numbers provided by NetMarketShare, for the month of February, shows that Firefox is the one browser that has been most impacted by this new arrival. So much so that it’s market share fell substantially in the last few weeks.

NetMarketShare Browsers February 2020

In other words, the new Chromium based Microsoft Edge is very close to becoming the second most-used desktop browser in the world.

And what’s really interesting is that the changing of the guard may happen sooner rather than later.

Like next month later.

NetMarketShare Browsers February 2020

We’ll have to wait for the March numbers for the confirmation. But in February, Google Chrome improved its market share from 66.93% to 67.27%, which is a little unexpected keeping in view the fact that there is a new kid on the block in the form of Chromium Edge.

However, the numbers reveal a significant drop for Firefox, which went down from 8.12% to 7.57%.

Edge, on the other hand, increased its market share from 7.02% to 7.39%. And if these same trends are maintained, then there is every chance that it will overtake Firefox to land itself in the second position.

Of course, the real fight is with Chrome, which continues to solidify its lead ever since it took the market by storm after users started moving away from Internet Explorer all those years back.

Then again, it will probably take years before Edge manages to get closer in terms of pure numbers that Chrome has collected for itself.

For the time being, it is target Firefox.

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