Edge Now Supports Jump Lists For PWAs

Edge Canary Channel

At an experimental stage right now, but Microsoft Edge just got support for Jump Lists for Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that are installed as regular applications.

This basically makes it easy to install any website as an app — though we are still far off from these applications behaving more like native apps. This support for Jump Lists is definitely an important step in this direction.

Jump Lists, obviously, are the quick actions that show up when you right-click an application on your taskbar. You are then provided with a range of different options.

Google recently brought this same capability to PWAs that allows developers to show a shortcuts menu of common tasks in their apps. Of course, it’s up to developers to make their PWAs compatible with this new experimental feature.

And not many have yet.

Even websites like Outlook.com, or official Twitter client on Windows 10, which is a PWA, have yet to receive this compatibility.

Luckily, a test website has also been set up to demonstrate this feature in action.

Good thing then, that the Microsoft Edge team is an active participant to the Chromium project, and was quick to bring support for this feature on its browser.

Edge PWA Shortcuts Menu

To try it on Microsoft Edge, you will have to hop onto the Canary version of the web browser. Next stop is to visit the edge://flags page, and enable the Desktop PWAs app icon shortcuts menu option. After that, simply try this feature for yourself.

Give it a try and see which of you favorite PWAs have been updated for support for Jump Lists on Microsoft Edge.

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