Edge Phishing Protection Better Than Chrome, Firefox


Microsoft Edge sure has the competition beat when it comes to online security. A new NSS Labs report reveals that this new web browser has beat Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

In a range of phishing and malware security tests.

As far as blocking phishing attacks go, the report found that Edge offered the best protection against these type of threats via the use of Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. Chrome and Firefox, in comparison, use Google Safe Browsing API.

While Opera uses a combination of third-party blocklists.

The result?

Edge offered the most protection, blocking 95.5% of phishing URLs, while at the same time providing the highest 0-hour protection rate of 89.2%. Chrome came in at second place, blocking an average of 86.9%, followed by Firefox at 85.9%, and Opera doing the deed 79.2% of the time.

Likewise, a separate report found that Edge also had superior malware protection, when compared to the competition.

It blocked 98.5% of the malware thrown at it, while also providing the highest 0-hour protection rate in the test at a rock solid 96.7%. Firefox provided the second-best protection here, blocking an average of 86.1%

While Opera only blocked 5.6% of these online threats.

The Microsoft Edge team even celebrated these findings, which are available for download. And they are a testament to the company’s focus on online security, in particular when combined with the security arsenal already available on the Windows operating system.

Good show.

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