Edge Receives Improvements To Collections

Edge Dev Channel

Edge Insiders, once again, have another Dev Channel update. This time around, the team has packed in improvements to Collections, to go with the usual range of fixes for the web browser.

Version 84.0.508.0 is the latest build of the browser, and Microsoft has now added the ability to attach text notes to specific items in Collections. You can also change the background color for general notes starting with this release.

On the security side of things, the browser now serves up warnings when you download inherently dangerous file types — for example, DLLs and other system files.

As for the fixes, Redmond has fixed an issue where running the favorites deduplicator crashed the browser. A few behaviors have also been revised, mostly related to learning browsing data, while the problem of the address bar being populated with old search terms has also been fixed.

What’s not, however, are the compatibility problems with the Kaspersky Internet Suite, which have been around for a while. Edge also has issues with favorites being duplicated sometimes, while the browser windows becoming all-black is a problem that still persists.

In terms of issues, there’s a new one where tabs sometimes appear squished or small, even when there are only a few of them.

According to Microsoft, this issue is often caused by clicking a link in a different program that opens a new tab in Edge. A quick fix for this is by changing the size of the tab band by resizing the window.

You can check out the full list of improvements here.

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