Edge Will Be Crazy Fast In The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Got to love these blog posts about speed improvements in Windows 10. This time Edge, the web browser, is the part of the OS in question, which is getting a solid boost.

Basically, as revealed, Microsoft is adding a neat new independent rendering system to the platform.

It’s not a new technique — something similar was used back in the days of Internet Explorer 11. But the company is adding it back in the platform now with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, while bringing some major improvements to the idea.

The above post comes with all the juicy technical details on how this works, along with a range of illuminating charts and graphs like these showing the speed improvements:

Particiuarly handy for web developers, this information.

Things like responsive animation and silk smooth scrolling are also in the mix, along with information on how developers can accommodate these tweaks. For users of the web browser, though, these are some very welcome additions.

They may not add much to the functionality end of the spectrum for the browser, but every little enhancement helps with the overall usage.

More so, if it has got to do with speed.

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