Elliptic Labs Brings 'Minority Report' to Life in Windows 8

“Microsoft’s new Metro interface changes how consumers interact with the operating system, and the design is a perfect fit for touchless gestures. Elliptic’s Windows 8 Gesture Suite gives users a touchless version of the gestures they already know from a touch-screen.” The SDK’s set of controls allows the use of hand gestures for scrolling, selecting, rotating objects and controlling menus, and the kit allows the user to create their own gestures using trajectory control. The company claims ultrasonic touchless technology uses up to 95 percent less power than current camera image-based gestural systems. Dahl explains further;

“The future of technology lies in moving from touch-screen to gesture recognition, but to date, using cameras has proved limiting and unnatural to users.” “Ultrasonic gesture technology uses sensors to deliver its capabilities and extends gesture-space to all sides of the screen, ensuring that the technology is robust and – unlike cameras – can be used in dark and bright light. Our Elliptic Windows 8 gestures give users full control of the new interface by simple intuitive gestures in 3D space, enabling a more natural and efficient way to work.”

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