End Of Windows XP Support May Push Enterprises To SaaS Products

It is quite interesting how not many thought of this earlier than now. If there is one death in the family Redmond would really like seeing soon is of its 11 year old operating system, Windows XP.

Not only does it still command a strong market share, but it is this very install base is reluctant to make the move to one of the newer versions of Windows — even though the date when Windows XP will be officially retired (April 8, 2014) is fast approaching.

But the principal analyst at Ovum, Roy Illsley is of the view that the majority of the users will migrate from Windows XP only a few months before the deadline. However, a few of them will prefer to move to software-as-a-service (SaaS) products instead of traditional applications.

Talking to TechRepublic, Roy said:

“There are some cases where [SaaS] will be used as a way of mitigating a massive cost and people won’t really look into the true cost of doing it. If people are saying, ‘Actually, we’re going to use Office 365,′ that’s a great piece of work that they don’t have to test.”

As a result of this new shift, services like Office 365 and more cloud based products could experience some noteworthy market share increase.

Cost, is after all, an important factor for most companies right now, and a full-fledged migration to a newer platform usually comes with a hefty price tag.

Recent figures show that a fair fraction of end users and enterprises are yet to make the move to either Windows 7 or Windows 8, though things are showing signs of improvement.

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