Eric Schmidt: People Should Ignore Microsoft’s Anti-Google Statements

Google and Microsoft have recently locked horns on almost all technological fronts, from search engines to operating systems, cloud computing to hardware and everything in between.

And it stands to reason that both technology giants are the fiercest of rivals.

But while Google has taken up a quiet (and some may say sneaky) approach, Microsoft, on the other hand seems to believe in direct assault. Redmond is, after all, one of the few companies that have attacked Google directly a lot lately.

Eric Schmidt, however, believes that people should stop listening to Microsoft’s statements.

Speaking at the AllThingsD Mobile conference in New York, the Google Chairman released a very short statement about its Redmond rival in response to a previous statement by Terry Myerson:

“Why are you listening to Microsoft’s statements about Google?”

Terry Myerson, as you may well be aware, is Microsoft’s head of Windows Phone. And he recently made a statement that Google may block Facebook Home on Android devices.

Microsoft has been running various versions of its Scroogled campaign, with the aim of bringing to light what it considers unfair practices used by the search engine giant in its products and services — Gmail, Google Shopping, Android apps among others.

Obviously, the Scroogled campaign also provides Microsoft a chance to promote and position its services as an alternative, and the technology titan has taken the opportunity to show general users that its services are actually better than competitors like Google.

Redmond recently refreshed its anti-Google campaign, with a new Scroogled effort that showed users how the search engine giant shares personal information with users.

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