Error Messages In Windows 10 Setup Just Got Much Better

No one likes getting error messages in Windows 10. Least of all during the setup process. It appears that Microsoft finally agrees, as the company has set forth to redo them.

Basically, instead of further confusing you by listing the problems, they will now offer solutions.

As noted, those annoying and confusing error messages that threw up an error code and a Knowledge Base number may soon be a thing of the past. Same goes for messages that provided no information at all or simply said something went wrong.

That’s because Redmond is working on making the experience better — at least during setup.

Windows Error Message

With Windows 10 Version 1903, the operating system will offer an actual solution rather than just telling you where you can go to found out the problem. Not everyone is aware what a KB is, or how to dig out information from those articles.

As the, rather blurry, screenshots show, error messages are a lot more user-friendly now.

They also provide solutions, which in this case are helping you uninstall applications that may be in conflict with the OS. Much better than manually seeking out information about the error online and then removing the apps manually.


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