Even More October 2018 Update Issues Pop Up

The future is shaky? It’s no secret that the Windows 10 October 2018 Update has had its fair share of problems, ever since Microsoft skipped over the Release Preview ring and released it to the public.

Obviously, the issues were deep inside and testing would only have brought them forward.

Not magically fixed them.

But long story short, we have had quite a ride these last couple of months.

Microsoft released the update, then pulled it down, then finally after a rather long way, rerolled it. In other words, there were still some problems that were yet to be repaired before the company servers started pushing out the bits earlier this week.

The company has listed a variety of quality issues by updating its Windows 10 update history page, detailing problems that affect not just the client but server versions of this update.

Version 1809 still suffers from mapped drives failing to reconnect after starting and logging into a Windows device. Microsoft has also identified a compatibility issue with security products from Trend Micro, and the two companies are working on a fix.

Another issue under investigation are devices with Radeon HD2000 and HD4000 series graphics processors where Microsoft Edge tabs may stop working with these GPUs.

The company lists November 14 as the date for all these issues, and the versions of Windows affected are Version 1809, Server 1809 and Server 2019.

If these issues affect you, it makes sense to hold off Windows 10 October 2018 Update for now. Redmond is certainly trying to whip up fixes for these, and we can expect all bugs to be ironed out with cumulative updates in the coming months.

But to say that the October 2018 Update was nothing if not eventful, would be underselling it.

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