Everyone Just Wants To Share Their Data With Microsoft

Microsoft sure loves to collect data from Windows 10 users. Diagnostic data, that is. And it seems that these users are more than happy to let the company in on this telemetry.

The software titan discussed the recent changes it made to privacy in the operating system.

After feeling pressure from a number of countries — Canada, France, and Switzerland, primarily.

But despite these granular changes, it appears that the majority of users are comfortable allowing the company access to their system data. As noted, an impressive 71% of users with the Creators Update installed on their devices opted to send Microsoft their full diagnostic data.

Which the company then uses to make improvements, as well as gauge what users user and like the most in the OS.

Marisa Rogers explains:

“71 percent of customers are selecting Full diagnostics data to help us fix things and improve Microsoft products.  While your direct feedback like, “The privacy settings added to clean installs are a boon for the privacy minded,” and “Very well done,” is great to hear, we know there is still work to do to meet and anticipate the expectations across our diverse customer base and provide you with the best privacy experience possible.

We’ve also seen a positive reception to the web-based privacy dashboard which allows you to see and control your activity data across multiple Microsoft services. Announced back in January, the privacy dashboard has been visited by more than 23 million people on accounts.microsoft.com.”

Sure, some people are rightly wary of sharing their device usage data with Redmond, as the company continues to make efforts to educate all users where their data is used.

And the efforts they make to respect the privacy of individuals.

At the very least, this should simmer down those cries of Windows 10 phoning home continually with Microsoft servers. They were not without their merits, but more customization options are always welcome in cases like these.

Options that put the power and choice in the hands of users themselves.

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