eWeek releases 10 things we want to see in Windows 8

December 2, 2009

eWeek just released an article about the 10 things they want to see in Windows 8.

This was a pretty weak article to me. I was surprised by some of the “things” they want to see.

For instance, #4 is

A Web-Only Version
Now that Google has made it clear that it intends to capitalize on the Web with Chrome OS, Microsoft can’t allow the search giant to gain the upper hand on the Internet. Windows 8 should have a Web-only version to make it appeal to those looking for that.

but then # 10 is

A Commitment to the Desktop
Although I’d like to see a Web-only version, I also want Microsoft to stay true to the desktop in Windows 8. Yes, Web-based operating systems are exciting, but they’re not ideal for most people. Just because Google has tied its future to Web-only operating systems, Microsoft can’t follow suit. It’s simply not a good idea.


I did however agree with #4 and the following:

Social Network Integration
One of the big disappointments in Windows 7 is the general lack of social networking built into the operating system. Considering the impact it has on most users’ lives, Microsoft should do a better job of integrating social networking software into its operating system. Whether that comes in the form of widgets or desktop software is unimportant—it just needs to be there.

You can read the full article here

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