What Exactly Is This New Project Newsbar App?

Project Newsbar

And why exactly? There are times when a name is a dead giveaway, and this is one such occasion. Still, some official details about this new Project Newsbar app would go well right about now.

This new app has made an early appearance on the Microsoft Store.

And we have the first details on this new application via the most reliable of Microsoft watchers, none other than WalkingCat.

What’s interesting is that the app is using the same logo as Microsoft News, which could be a real solid hint on what it is supposed to bring to the table.

Furthermore, it is a throwback to the days of Windows Vista with its lovely little sidebar. But unlike how it was implemented in that operating system, this one solely focuses on news and nothing more.

Shades of those neat Charms bar UI that used to be all the rage in Windows 8 and 8.1. It certainly seems to be making a comeback, if this app is news to go by.

Currently, the bar always stays on the top of the screen, though it is possible to place it on the left, right, top or bottom of the display however you want. It is also possible to customize it between displaying the news items without titles.

That said, there appears to be no way to choose which specific news sources you want to display, other than picking a geographical edition. Stocks that you want to follow can be added, however, and it is possible to hide the news bar for 90 minutes.

The application is available on the Microsoft Store, though it can’t actually be downloaded via the regular route. You need an online tool to deploy it, and you also need to be at least on the April 2018 Update of Windows 10.

Is this something that we will get to see closer to, say, BUILD?

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